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Cyclone Dryer

Haystack Dryers are the original body dryer manufacturer of purpose built people dryers. Our Cyclone dryer, designed for drying up to five people at one time, is now a standard feature at Theme and Water Parks throughout Europe and the USA. Theme and Water Parks are now routinely specifying Haystack Dryers at the park design stage.

Cyclone Dryer - Six Flags Great America

Over the past decade, our dryers have proved to be a firm favourite with operators and the public alike. The robust design ensures exceptional reliability and allows the dryer to be operated in a variety of environments and year on year offers benefits such as:

  • Excellent additional revenue
  • Improved and enhanced customer experience
  • Flexible ownership options
  • Extended seasonal ride usage
  • Additional attraction
  • ADA & DDA compliant
  • Reduced carbon footprint


Dryers can be configured with a variety of different vend options such as:

  • Bill validators
  • Coin
  • Token
  • Hotel Key
  • Button or fob triggers
  • Credit card activation
  • RFID


The cycle time can be set to any length desired, usually 3 ½ minutes. Session charges can be set individually and configured to accept all local currencies.


Our dryers can be located indoor or outdoor on any firm level surface capable of supporting the weight, or partly recessed into the ground to create a level access point.

Cost Saving

In attractions where towels are supplied free of charge the placement of dryers will not only offset these significant costs, but will offer the opportunity to turn this cost centre into a profit centre.

Income Generation

The introduction of our dryers will provide an additional revenue stream as well as providing excellent customer service to park guests.


Haystack Dryers offer the cabinet and internal panels in all colors within the standard RAL colour range. This extensive colour choice provides a unique opportunity to theme the dryer to match its environment.

Leisure Attractions

Leisure Attractions >

For drying groups and individuals at theme parks & Leisure Centres


Healthcare >

Drying patients in care homes, hospitals and rehabilitation centres


Hotels >

People dryers within Hotels and Cruise Lines

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